Are you part of the iSupport for dementia carers research project in the UK? If so, please could you only use the version of iSupport that has been set up for research purposes, using your 5-digit username. The study version ends "Wales, UK-ENG":

iSupport Virtual Course 
Skills and knowledge training for carers of people with dementia

iSupport is a self-help tool for carers of people with dementia, including family members, relatives and friends. iSupport includes five modules and accompanying exercises, namely: (i) introduction to dementia; (ii) being a caregiver; (iii) caring for me; (iv) providing everyday care; and (v) dealing with behaviour changes. The modules and exercises reflect those included in the hardcopy manual of iSupport. 

Carers can choose to work through all modules and lessons consecutively or select the lessons that are the most relevant to their everyday lives. All lessons consist of brief readings, descriptive examples and interactive exercises. Carers receive feedback as they work through each exercise.